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street i remember approving that quite a long time so it's been sitting there and i feel like in a year that's time for things to change and you know, i feel like we've approved something we have no idea about we haven't seen the movement or harder it makes me feel uneasier there are permits sitting out there for over a year we've grand a year ago this is something the police brought up also i kind of put it off and now i see why in the year who knows what's going on if things have changed differences coming up in the way they will run the club and it
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makes we feel uneasy okaying a permit that sits around for a year i don't feel that it makes we feel taken advantage of as a commissioner in a way i don't feel we're working with people that are actually moving forward and working on something as we've granted them the permit there is too much time and things could change and in a year i think the things i do in my house vary a great deal i want to make sure we don't have to look at this more closely and well, i guess i want to chime in briefly that i don't think we have recourse we have in the law there is a stipulation to 9 months for completion, however,
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by virtue of someone asking for an extension it can be extended and we are obligated in a sense to take those permit applications and hear those permit applications even if someone is for a lengthy period of time not operating is their lease and their though the open and they're paying only it i don't know exactly when you are uneasiness is from exactly or do we have recourse i hear it and acknowledge it but we'd be hard-pressed to deny our actions based on someone's decision to open or not 0 open. >> here's someplace that's not open and gone through a process, you know, a year ago and as a neighborhood representative he just know when it opens again, it didn't have
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to repost or do notifications to the neighborhood to me i see that as a compromise to the good faith of the neighboring neighborhood i i worry about the response after a year and they is well, the new neighbors or new whatever or the old neighbors are like well, nothing ever happened i feel like i should have been invited again, i guess that's my concern. >> i think it sound like there is potentially a policy to have to say even if there's an 9 month closing clauses to be extended but a year or another period of time if they evaporate finished permits or something else. >> a policy that's in place
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we've been allowing extension overtime people want to be granted a entertainment permit and they have more improvements to do. >> i think it's helpful to know what cob webs and what's happening out there and then my another report ben is going to help me with the power point this is a live personal property permit that began in 2011 there you go there we go okay. so the background information you probably know the limited live performance permit the restrictions performs must end by he 10:00 p.m. and an accessory use and the performance is less than 4
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hundred square feet originally it was not for outdoor use but 2013 it changed and the next slide currently, we have 45 active limited life actually permits the bulk is restaurant and some wine bars and cafes and regular bars and galleries and event spaces it shows you the break down the reason people go for the live permit number one if so an accessory use it makes sense but for small galleries and restaurants the cost is much more affordable and l lp is for $41 and you see the breakdown of the costs involved so speeding through this one the really great things about the l lp if someone has a
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limited performance permit 245e6 and they've blasted and the police don't have problems they can extend to an hour to 11 we don't have to go back to the commission the applicant sends us the request we share with the police department officer and they provide their recommendations and at staff level we make it possible to go to 11 is more we've had 3 l lp that have taken advantage of that from the mayor's office of housing of office of economic workforce development they've been working the corridors and let everyone know took out the horn to small businesses to boost their revenue and vibrate they're working with merchant i've actually gotten a few calls
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from the merchant corridors one from mission oath they want to audio 4 l lp cafes and have galleries and a couple of bars so they can have a more vibrant corridor and the new law they'll be using this for more space and media mentioned have boosted interest next slide when the l lp was first available in naivete there was a flurry of activity between 2011 and 12 we've had a whole bunch of applications then it slowed down we depends on if everyone who wanted an l l that got one but we've had a lot of audition action from the mayor's office
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of housing of department of workforce development one problem is that there are certain areas of the city that can't get an l lp this map is ridiculous but i couldn't find one that would tell you (laughter) cut me slack i'm sick basically, the service light industry residential that didn't make it onto the power point the l l x different acronyms are the areas you can't have an l lp it's unfortunate because there are a lot of places that would be perfect places for entertainment you'll see a beautiful picture of the fulsome street fourteenth foundry and the owners do a lot of work but they're under 9 y m
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g their unable to have a party that's unfortunate but the upside is we have challenges with the l lp programs most of the restaurants and cafes don't have the capacity to think about how to promote something or book a band or the equipment one idea the entertainment commission could hold a workshop that is sort of like a one-stop shop to teach the businesses how to do those things we think that's a great idea because more l lps that are successful then the awareness will continue to grow and provide wonderful entertainment for our city that's that that's great. >> anyone want to talk. >> let them talk. >> is that on.
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>> how about this one really to objectively a lot of what cammy said we're heading going in the right direction more work to help small businesses understand the next step after getting the permit in terms of programming, music and making that programming workout successfully is really important as well as working to identify case studies of biz businesses with l lp that have seen success that is a way to make that tangible but i know i don't need to tell the commissions l lp can provide local musicians with profrmsz opportunities outside of the venue system and from all acknowledges perspective they're real opportunity for restaurant and art galleries so book all
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ages using the l lp another important value this permit can have. >> is there a map that currently exists of the l lp noticing where someone wants to see that. >> actually that's in the works right now. >> when you're talking about accessibility to the artists knowing where to go to confront the managers hey where can i play. >> just one thing to add on that note cammy and i have been spreading the word directly to businesses that can be effective people who work in the businesses who want to be involved in the music and arrest musicians can play an important rule i know that folks there you go and folks in the recordinging
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are working on the idea of best practices and supporting practices with the ability to help with the work program. >> that's great commissioner hyde. >> i'm excited that ocean avenue i live out there will have music coming my way and i have a question i know accident answer with you i want to go on record incarcerated to other permits are there a lot of or few complaints from l lp. >> we have a few because the noise happened after 10:00 p.m. it works well in residential mixed use areas and commissioner lee arrest the live entertainment section we don't
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know who to hire or whose available the city should have a live registration it's just on idea there's a lot of people that want to have a guitar player and depending upon where to go maybe a website where people can register on their own. >> we've talked about that businesses have a permit but who is the key player i don't know if there's a i think we need to think about it to figure out what a way to kind of send people going in the right direction but, you know, the idea of a single rummaging registration rebel for potentially helping but there has to be a better way of
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answering that question other than saying oh, that's the luke. >> i think it was targeted live for the musicians really but then it's easy to get a dj so it kind of defeats the purpose. >> this is an opportunity to work with the business community even if it's not in a list of artists stamped by us to the extent that people in the music communities are interested in creating their own network of musicians and identifying themselves as being interested in playing out at l lp venues we're having a map of venues here go play out in the l lp spaces here's accident list even if folks to contact that would be helpful. >> commissioner akers.
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>> hi cammy. >> thank you for this presentation on the map it is kind of blurry i'm not clear which one is are the red. >> that's why i shouldn't have included this map it's difficult notice being a planner the place we're seeing a lot of issues are sort of a block out from the red zone so it you have look at the r r d that's not red but the on classifies it's difficult don't even - >> i was on the western selma task force one the discussion we had was l lps not being allowed because a fear everyone was going to create mayhem but it's
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not how it worked this is a discussion item but i'm wondering are we allowed to discuss taking action to maybe suggest changes to that zoning from people are we allowed to do that during a decision. >> you can do that when you get to future business as color has nothing to do with that. >> it's hard to 83 tell use the western selma is the only place where l lps are not permitted that's how that happened basically; right? >> right. >> yeah. >> one final question i know you said this will work with public pauses too who don't the permit go to. >> the plaza program i don't know if upper hear. >> i was here
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it's related to the steward and they'll handle the program of the public safety. >> great any other commissioners comments if not we'll anyone from the public wish to speak on this item we have 3 items for abc any public comment please come forward one at that time, and speak into the microphone. >> i wanted to add initially when this legislation was in conversation and vetted there was a lot of concern about the cu the conditional use being omitted you know initially i think we've had enough time to see that since it's limited to 10 o'clock we haven't had a lot of incident to report the reason the cu p was permitted it
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beneficial to the small businesses is that the process costs thousand of dollars and months and months to go through the process but it's not cost probed for them to go forward so this is the success of the thing but it's probably some of the best legislation i've seen in the last 3 years i wanted to add that. >> thank you. >> are you guys altogether and we're altogether good evening, commissioners i'm jordan lewis and my partner we represent the boundary where the owners thanks for putting that picture we wanted to go on the record saying we built the business
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basically as a gallery show case but had a lot of interest in the neighborhood and friends showed up their artists that point a venue to show case up and coming microscopic and want a venue to do that. >> so we subsequentially have found it was unpermitted so we went to our neighbors i have signed letters of support we did a short petition and basically everyone signed would like to see entertainment, you know, to a limited level at our location we want to go on the record to revisit the western selma zoning for entertainment in our location would be much appreciated for us and i think the neighborhood in san francisco. >> thank you. >> i have a point of information are those letters
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available for us to - >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment or do either of you want to speak? okay. why don't you, you come on up >> good evening my name is leon 0 i want to speak on behalf of the map that was brought up earlier and how important to look at the availability of what we understand is our art and culture and expand to the importance of what's going on in the education when you take the art out of the education what it good to the amend of the kid and what their going to the address express themselves if you don't have outlets so the kids and the tourists can see this the
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available those spaces are available why? because we listen to our community and actually understand we have their art in front of us and around us why not art in the bart stations and only in the bart strain none of the corporations have ann art that's outside the community we get frustrated and get caught up in the nolte e nuts and bolts of zoning policies and no one talks about how to expand the entire napping map not optional looking at time map but to encompass it is important this is the biggest if you talk to a large majority of people in the bay area this is an important issue if you take the art and culture out
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you're taking out a lot of importance what are the people going to do and trust to go out and be able to share their art whoetsdz going to be able to go and hear something nothing you put out in the mainstream media this space is built from cultures all over the world and if at the can't express themselves you're going to have a big uprising coming along that needs to be heard this is a rumbling if so a disconnect between 9 podiums and the structures and line and the cycle and curves of the people i would like to take this moment to expand upon the possibility of looking beyond the limits of word and zones thank you. >> thank you. is there any
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additional public comment? for or against okay. i'm going to move on we don't have action tony on this particular item there's action we'll bring up later but thank you for the presentation updates to the staff and the gentleman so we're going to move on to item 5 police department questions or comments which i mistakenly jumped to earlier it doesn't sound like a police report of presentation i'm going to move on to item 6 hearing and possible actions rewarding our permits a lot of them are l lp executive director. >> well our first one is actually not an l it is a loudspeaker permits those are
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issued at the staff level unless otherwise circumstances this is for elliott durham at marketing this is for did in this case women's marathon happening sunday october 19th so similar we had a couple of proximate causes number one they never getting got a permit and number 2 a lot of complaints and 3 this particular application asked for a.m. if i had sound at 6:00 a.m. before 7:00 a.m. the fact we got complaints last year and the fact other issues last year, we've asked them to come to xhungs commission they've made changes and i've done outreach to the people that complained to us last year, i sent out notes to every person that filed a complaint and received one response and that respond asked
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that the commission use the same criteria as the rec and park not amplify any sound but with a lot of people it's not possible at all but i'd like to invite you guys. >> i'm not ethel i do not. >> sorry. >> i'm the producer of the in this case women's marathon and here to answer questions in regards to the applications put forward to you. >> can you tell you what you plan on doing from 6 to 8. >> the race starts others 6:30 mid block between polling and stockton last year, we started our amplified sound earlier there's technical in and a half for example, 15 minutes until race start time please make sure
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you get our footprint it extends from post mid block between polling and stockton to montgomery so most of the announcements are in and a half their say a limited amount of background music but that's confined to the union square after and won't start until 6:00 a.m. >> again thing to note. >> sure. >> commissioners you have questions for our applicant? >> so there's no like music or anything like that. >> no, it's direct play through with the master of ceremonies that handles all the technical will announcements no live talent per say. >> as in music. >> in ipods.
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>> going through the speakers two. >> yes. you said it was background music what kind of d b level. >> there's been questions about the running if it's taking 50 feet in front of a house we agreed during the debrief with the members of the mayor's office we'll conduct a sound check on the wednesday e wednesday before our race day and set up speaker pods and determine the appropriate sound levels at that time, if you want an inspector there we'll sign off and it and run it. >> absolutely wreerg trying to prevent what happened last year and two we have complaint as a result of that not because of a permit but people weren't
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planning planning on walking up it sound like you're doing sound check on wednesday. >> yes. >> that's the mid of the day and yes. yes. for the record we'll not be doing the sound check at 6:00 a.m. >> good all right. then there's background music okay for the technical announcements do they need to start at 6 does the background music; is that right then. >> at 6 we have a lot of ladies 25 thousand and our footprint expends from polling to montgomery and in some cases up to two blocks north and south even if post so we have a significant amount u amount of square footage and we really need to push the announcements out as quickly as possible but
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as part of the debrief that was not element we agreed to reduce so we felt comfortable getting people into where they need to be at 6:30. >> so, now we're down a half an hour. >> yes. >> will there be music throughout the entire race will there be music. >> the finish is at marie and green so the age if i had is part of our rec and park permit for that. >> commissioner lee and staff most of the complaints are the entire or one central kind of area. >> all from the union square area just off of union square jones street a couple of blocks and yes post and jones one the
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big installment i adjustments they've essentially taken our footprint and flipped it 180 between post and stockton and went back to levin worth we've mirrored it to the east back to montgomery we've spoken to the hotels and this friday starts the first of two mailings that goes out to the community with race specific information. >> so you're doing a lot more to make sure we don't - >> we have the no, no zone map. >> commissioner akers. >> yeah. so i understand the notification process i have two questions


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